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A 42 – year – old single mother.
She has an extraordinary pain.

Her husband left in her illness when she was married in high school but could not bear a baby.
I adopted my daughter when I was 7 years old and worked in the world of solo night and went to study abroad.
A light that came to her who lived abroad solely for studying abroad.
Meet with sanghoon who met in the room
She begins to grow in love in her heart.
However, her boyfriend brought her daughter’s index, who returned from studying abroad,
Mijin who can not confuse the fact with the fact.
Mijin, who watched the sex of the index and the fortune teller, can not control the excitement even more,
While the index is sleeping, I wake up the saints.
I want you to be a lump of desire.
But all these conversations are heard by the index.

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